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Starry Paws

The Light Is Mine

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Size and Shape

-Choose which metal, shape, size, and font you want
-Type your pups name and your phone number in the Personalization box 

PRODUCT DETAILS: Due to the fact that these tags are hand stamped and made to order, there will be slight variations between the tags. Each stamp is a set size so the design will look slightly different depending on the size of the tag you choose. Each tag will come with a small 1/2" split keyring and a 1" SILVER keyring. You can purchase a 1" BLACK keyring or a Snap Hook Clip on a separate listing.

May the tags be with you...

Product Description

These beautiful tags are all hand stamped. They are a great accessory for your pup to take on an epic adventure or even just around the block (but who's to say that that's not an epic adventure though)! These personalized tags also make a great gift!

Shipping & Returns

Processing Time:
1 - 2 Weeks

- Tags are made to order and are unique to each pup. PLEASE before you finish checking out, triple check the spelling of your pup's name and the phone number you inputed, as there will be no remakes if the mistake was your fault. If the mistake was my fault, contact me within 4 days of receiving your order for a replacement tag.

- We are not responsible for any lost tags

Care Instructions

These tags are made of metal, so they will tarnish over time. To clean your tag, you can purchase one of our Cleaning Kits!

How to use:
1. Scrub tag with the Steel Wool until there is no tarnish visible. 
2. (Optional) Trace the design impression with the Mini Permanent Marker (if the design is fading)
3. Scrub tag with the Pro Polish Pad until you get the shine that you want.